IGS Coding Bootcamp

Think Green Academy 2022

Circular Gestural Photography

Report of the Meet-and-Code workshop on 15.10.2021 - Learn to code with Calliope by creating games

IT for Future: Virtueller Scratch-Programmier-Kurs für das Klima

15. Oktober 2021 - Calliope in Aktion - Einstieg mit programmierten Spielen

Kunst LICHT Kalender

Ankündigung: Online Robot Arena Workshop Sonntag 25.10.2020

SAP Young Thinkers Learning Festival at Snap!Con 2020

Playground Lockdown

Online Learning Offerings for Young Thinkers

openSAP Kurs Calliope mini in der Sekundarstufe I einsetzen

SITKIDS 2020 Announcement

My Calliope Mini game workshop at Carl-Friedrich-Gauss-Gymnasium Hockenheim during the Europe Code Week

My 2 seconds of fame during the SAP Go Digital Night at Heidelberg University of Education

In context of the Snap!Con at the Heidelberg University of Education, the SAP Young Thinkers and their partners celebrated an impressive Go Digital Night on Tuesday, Sep. 24.


mBot Robot Workshop at SAP for Kids from Sandhausen

Slicing the Elephant – Make 14.000 SAP User Interfaces Accessible

I recently talked about the accessibility approach in SAP S/4HANA development. Because I received requests for this content, I decided to publish a blog on SAP Community about this.

Introduction to mBot from Makeblock

The mBot is a small robot platform to teach kids and teenagers about programming and robotics. This is a video recorded at SAP in which I give an introduction into the system.

Winterlichter 2019 Luisenpark Mannheim

Test Saal Digital Fotobuch

Little Bighorn Sheep picked for exhibition at Wunderwelten festival

Texts / Podcasts / Videos about Software Architecture & Engineering

openSAP course for teaching teachers teach Calliope Mini, and my part in that

My photo as a painting

#deletefacebook - nothing has changed, so why now?

Two-way bluetooth communication between mBot and Android

Winterlichter 2018 Luisenpark Mannheim

My photo is selected for the exhibition at Zingst photo festival 2018

Music and sounds to support concentration and productivity